Series Description

In this series inspired by the Spirograph — a popluar 1960’s drawing toy used to produce rigorous yet playful roulette curve patterns — the artist revisits such motifs from... a new perspective.

“In Spirografika we invite mathematical precision and human imperfection to meet in a creative dance. We start using ellipitcal figures in rotational repeat to engineer a rough guide. Then, drawing by hand, I transform linear perfection into organic gesture with renewed vitality. The finished work has a free and spontaneous quality, yet maintains a strong sense of rhythm and organization.”

Artwork in the series ranges from powerfully minimal to layered and dense. The images draw the viewer in to explore their intricacies, and to contemplate. The series continues the artist’s on-going examination of connections, interactions and relationships, and challenges strict dichotomies that often impede our potential, as individuals and on a societal level.

This series is framed with a custom 4-way hanging system, so the piece can be rotated and viewed from different perspectives. Each view reveals its own statement and energy. Arranging artwork in this series — on their own, in pairings, or groupings — the collector is invited to join in the creative conversation begun by the artist and build their own visual narrative.




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