Series Description

In this series inked markings slowly aggregate as artist, implement, and surface collaborate to form cryptic compositions. The resulting images are imbued with a sense of mystery. Enigmatic yet familiar, they seem to tether ancient and... modern. The technique used draws from mid-century automatism — working in a meditative mode, embracing chance, foregoing precision, with no preconceived subject.

“Contemplating human relationships, with each other and with our physical environment, sparked the Connections series. Here we deconstruct simple hierarchies in the act of drawing to explore equitable collaboration and its creative potential. To consider drawing from a new perspective, we focus on the action and interplay. Barely holding implements and loosely guiding movement across the surface, brings heightened sensitivity to minute physical interactions occurring as the drawing takes shape. And reduced control for the artist allows greater agency for the materials in the markings we make.”

Loosely guided, a variety of ink implements drag, graze and skip across a surface of fibrous recycled craft paper. Friction and the subtle topography of the paper’s structure influence the action. The surface, rather than passively accepting the ink, becomes an active player in determining the trajectory and impact of marks that form. Responding intuitively to the evolving composition, the artist occasionally injects an emphatic gesture. In this way, images slowly emerge. Once drawn, the artists transpose the images to the digital realm where they explore the impact of scale and color before the final works are printed.




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