Inked Abstraction

Series Description

Abstract images in this series embody the freedom and immediacy of the creative act. Working with quiet, free-flowing movement across the page, the artist explores the space intuitively allowing figures to ... emerge. Forms evolve with varied features from bold to tenuous, opaque to diaphanous, and quirky to elegant, while compositions find rhythm, tension and balance. Together figure and ground equally support the poise of each piece.

“I chose to work in the digital space for this series, finding the slick feel of the tablet’s surface — often considered a negative quality — had for me a positive effect. This haptic experience served as a conduit to deep memory, like gliding across the ice as a child on quiet mornings. Exploring edges and arcs and speed. Creating figures with my movement. Mind and body flowing freely. An open-ended sense of possibility. Yet this journey is not one of nostalgia, but of connecting to our potential in the present.”

Maintaining a creative approach based on Asian ink drawing traditions with a commitment to, and trust in, the gesture — marks are not reworked once made — even as digital drawing tools are used for this series. While the elegant power of black and white is celebrated throughout, some images also explore the subtle strength of tonal hues, or the raw energy of bold primaries.

Heightening the interplay of figure and ground, pigment alternately defines either the marks or the space where they reside. This leads us to experience the images from varied realms of emotion and perception, as from day to night. The variations complement each other, and enhance the possibility for curating compelling duets within the series. A custom 4-way hanging system allows art to be viewed from different perspectives, further expanding curatorial options for collectors.

Inked Abstraction



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