Luminosity Chroma

Series Description

Through a translucent interplay of layers, color is introduced to textural black and white compositions via clean geometric forms. The distinct elements engage in an intimate conversation, each imparting its information to the other. Their interaction reveals a new... dimension, expanding our understanding of the details.

Drawn to and inspired by both abstract expressionism and minimalism, the artists bring together antithetical qualities of these two art movements. Gestural, expressive markings work in collaboration with precise, geometric elements.

“In these compositions we layer pure geometric forms onto expressive, textural black and white compositions. The geometry defines the color and vise versa. But the form’s transparency allows interaction with the markings beneath, and through this lens we experience a captivating bit of alchemy.”

This series expands on the exploration of juxtaposition and interaction begun in the Luminosity series. As with that series, these works are custom framed with a 4-way hanging system. The artwork can be rotated and viewed from different perspectives, each view revealing its own statement and energy. Arranging artwork in this series — on their own, in pairings, or groupings — the collector is invited to join in the creative conversation begun by the artist and explore their own visual narrative.

Luminosity Chroma



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