Flow State

Series Description

Responding to the profound power of music to move us, the artist finds visual expression in her experience of music. Through gestural marking, informed both by Asian calligraphy and action painting, music is conveyed to the page as abstract drawings rich in... lyrical and rhythmic quality.

“I don’t generally work with music playing. But I love music, and I listen intently. I often feel the urge to respond physically, to move, to dance. Occasionally I feel impelled to give visual expression to my experience of music. Working with no specific figural intent — just music leading a journey — I let mind and body go where it takes me. In this case the music was classical — some piano solo, some opera.”

The art in this series uses a single color placed either as figure or as ground, reflecting the importance of both sound and silence in the structure of music. The images express a delicate fragility while simultaneously conveying strength and certitude.

While a human figure can be discerned in the images, the critical information resides beyond that form. The energy and freeing power of the music is contained within the marks themselves. Experiencing the images outside their most familiar orientation reveals more.

Framed with a custom 4-way hanging system, the art can be rotated and viewed from different perspectives. Each view reveals its own statement and energy. Arranging artwork in this series — on their own, in pairings, or groupings — the collector is invited to join in the creative conversation begun by the artist and explore their own visual experience.

Flow State



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